Environmental Economics


Tues. May 15 2018:

Here are the sample answers for the final exam.  

The final exam is in PH132 at 8:30am Thursday May 24.


Thurs. May 9 2018:

For review, here is a single set of slides that summarizes the entire course.

On Tuesday, we will go through the sample final exam.

Tues. May 8 2018:

The grades for this course are based on class participation (10%); in-class work (20%);

midterm (20%); and final exam (50%). Here is a sample final exam.

Fri. Apr. 26 2018:

See here for a description of the economic impacts of climate change.

We will discuss this on Tuesday.

Thurs. Apr. 26 2018:

There is no class on Thursday May 3. Your assignment instead is to choose one of the solutions from You will need to come to class on Tuesday May 8 able to describe your solution.  Pick the solution ranked with the last two digits of your student id. So, if your id ends 34, choose solution ranked 34. If your id ends with a number greater than 80, choose any solution.

Thurs. Apr. 12 2018:

You need to come to class - the in-class assignments are a big part of your grade. Here is the Present Value answer.

Thurs. Mar. 29 2018:

Here are the answers to the midterm. Grades are posted on blackboard for the first half of the course. Enjoy the spring break and be ready for the remaining assignments, reading and final exam.

Sat. Mar. 17 2018:

Our midterm exam will be in class on Thursday March 29. It will have:

  • 5 short-answer written questions on the following topics: economic methods (externalities/benefit-cost); standards; command and control; market solutions; and Endangered Species.  

  • 2 math problems to derive consumer/producer surplus/deadweight loss; and optimal abatement. 

Fri. Mar. 16 2018:

Please come to class on 3/20 with an answer to the question: What is a Life Worth?

Mon. Feb. 26. 2018: 

In class on March 6 we will discuss the reading R5 3/6 (see orange box). You must be prepared to discuss this reading.


Thurs. Feb. 15. 2018:

The next class is Thursday Feb 22. There is an in-class assignment due. See slide set 4.

Tues. Feb. 13. 2018:

The readings R1, R2, R3, R4 should last us until Feb. 27. Read them a couple of times.

Fri. Feb. 2 2018:

See the boxes on the right (below on phone). 

Black boxes link to slides.

Orange boxes link to readings with the date of the class in which we will discuss them. 

Fri. Jan 19 2018:

Here is the syllabus for this class.

We will spend the first week of classes discussing this paper.  

Check black boxes for slides.

Spring Semester 2018:

This course is different in 2018; it now requires:

  • Class participation - you will not pass unless you participate.

  • Attendance - you will not pass if you do not attend regularly.

  • A lot of reading - if you do not like reading, you will not enjoy this course.