Eco202 Price Theory


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Here are two sample final exams: sample 1 and sample 2. Try to answer the questions. I will post the answers in a few weeks. We will go through the answers in the last week of class.


The midterms are over. Your score is the best of the two midterms.

Next up is the final exam. There are two dates for the final exam: Dec. 13 at 11am and Dec. 17 at 1pm. You can choose which one to attend.  Details on the final exam will follow soon.

Final scores. All scores for all assignments are posted on blackboard.


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If you are in class and answering the questions, you are collecting class participation credits. 

Here is a chance to earn extra credit: if you take the second midterm exam and score more than 30%, you will get 4% extra credit. 



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I don't think we will have time for Chapter 9. It is pretty easy anyway.

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For the second midterm, there are some sample questions on blackboard to try.


We are going to have another midterm! This new midterm will be Tuesday November 5. 

This midterm will be the same format as the first midterm. 50 questions posted on blackboard (so no class that day). The topics will be from slide sets 5-8. Sample questions will be posted soon.  

Your best score from the two midterms will count as your midterm score.


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The midterm is over! The answers to each question should now be available on blackboard.

The average score was 83%. Scores above 83% are in B+ and higher territory. Scores below 83% are in B and below territory. There is a curve at the end of the course. And there are plenty of ways to improve your grade -- class participation and the final exam (we might even have another midterm).


Let's move on. Collected here are all the slides for the course so far. We are still on slide set 5 (part 1), but we are going to move to slide set 5 (part 2) very soon.

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Slide set 5 (part 1)

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Here is the answer to the worked problem on optimal choice. There is another question along side it. If you can do both questions, you are good to go for optimal choice theory.


As a QC student, you can get a free digital subscription to the New York Times here.


The first extra credit was 1%, except for these students who got 2%: 7741, 3939, 4012, 8684, 6457, 0427, 1304, 4550, 2342, 3538.


Fall 2019 students: here is the syllabus.